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I currently live in Richmond, Virginia, but I probably wont live here very long. I'm always moving for one reason or another. I'm married to a beautiful and smart lady who shares many of my hobbies and eccentricities, and those she doesn't share, she accepts. I'm an artist of many talents, but I'm not an expert at any form or medium of art. If you look at my gallery you'll notice I jump around from one thing to another. Yes I AM color blind... not completely of course, but I do have a hard time properly identifying and recognizing colors. I wasn't always color blind, it came upon me in the last half of my life, so I know what colors SHOULD look like, I just don't see them that way any more. So if I know the name of a color, I can usually properly use it in an art project.

I got into Steampunk around late 2009 and have jumped boots first into that world. I was lucky that Cincinnati and Ohio in general had a great and large Steampunk community, which allowed me to gain many friends and grow into the steampunk community. Now in Richmond, VA though, my wife and I are working to build a Steampunk community that will allow us to have a similar social life as we had in Cincinnati.

I try to do some tabletop gaming now and then, hence all my painted miniatures, but I don't do it regularly any more. I have had so many hobbies in my lifetime, that I often have to "trade in and out" of them so as not to fill my home with unused junk. I often sell off the accoutrements of one hobby to be able to enter into another.

For my profession I do simple HTML coding, convert learning materials to online formats and handle content management for a Distance Learning bachelor's degree program that is administered through the Blackboard learning environment.


Hi everyone, so I've been unemployed/had no day job for over a year now. My wife makes enough money (barely) to support us, but my health problems and their corresponding bills keep us from making enough money for me to justify continuing my deviantart core membership. (it just expired). I think there is a way for "gifting" memberships, and I'm not too proud to ask, if any of you are rolling in dough enough, to ask for help with that. Thanks. Perhaps I could make some goggles or steampunk a small NERF gun in exchange?
The Tree Hugger Maverick
The Tek University and Tek Armory have come up with a new blaster meant for use by the brave technology scouts that spend day after day searching for signs of technology and habitation in the post fall world. After reports that some of the trees in the aether radiated forests have become. . .animate. . . a need arose for a weapon that could protect our citizens and scouts from any wooden threats. This newly modified version of our wildly popular Maverick pistol, shoots negatively charged aetneric projectiles that can negate the movements of a zombified tree, for a little while.


This is a functional NERF Maverick painted for use in a Steampunk or other cosplay. You can buy it from me on Etsy:…

Materials and tools used:
NERF Maverick Blaster
Dremel Tool with Flap sanding wheel
Orange juice bottle cap
Jewelry pendants
2 Part 5 Minute Epoxy glue
Krylon Fusion Satin Black spray paint
AMACO Rub N Buff: European Gold, Gold Leaf, Pewter, Silver Leaf
Vallejo Model Color acrylic paint: Black, German Black-Brown, Khaki
AMACO All Purpose Sealer
Aetheric Radiation Flight Goggles
"These new flight goggles from the scientists and engineers at the Tek University were made specifically to help Dirigible pilots, or any pilots, to navigate around or through the aetheric radiated clouds of the post fall world. They will help you spot the clouds, and if necessary, help you navigate through the clouds avoiding the worst areas."
These were made from "standard" 50mm welding goggles and:
metal jewelry pendants
a juice cap
Krylon Fusion Satin Black spraypaint
Rub N Buff - Silver Flake
2 part 5 minute epoxy

These one of a kind goggles are for sale on Etsy:…
Hey, at least THIS site isn't being blocked by today's massive DDos attack.
Lady's Aetheric Needler
In response to a stated need, the Tek Armory, in conjunction with researchers at the Tek University, have come up with this new purse or pocket sized weapon. This will be the first in a new line of "Needler" weapons that fire a charged shard of aetheric crystal, that explodes on impact with solid matter.
Yes you are right, this IS the noisy cricket from Men In Black. It is a 1:1 scale toy purchased at the exit shop at the MIB Alien Attack ride at Universal Studios florida.

Materials used:
Toy Noisy Cricket
Jewelry pendants and beads
Krylon Fusion Satin Black spraypaint
AMACO Rub N Buff: Autumn Gold, Gold Leaf, Pewter, Silver Leaf
Vallejo Game Color: Beasty Brown
AMACO All Purpose Sealer

Tools Used:
High and low grit sandpapers
Fine flat files
Blade and Pointy brushes




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