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:iconsteampunkelegance: :icongothic-steampunk: :iconsteampunkforever: :iconquaerunt-fabularis:


Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
I currently live in Richmond, Virginia, but I probably wont live here very long. I'm always moving for one reason or another. I'm married to a beautiful and smart lady who shares many of my hobbies and eccentricities, and those she doesn't share, she accepts. I'm an artist of many talents, but I'm not an expert at any form or medium of art. If you look at my gallery you'll notice I jump around from one thing to another. Yes I AM color blind... not completely of course, but I do have a hard time properly identifying and recognizing colors. I wasn't always color blind, it came upon me in the last half of my life, so I know what colors SHOULD look like, I just don't see them that way any more. So if I know the name of a color, I can usually properly use it in an art project.

I got into Steampunk around late 2009 and have jumped boots first into that world. I was lucky that Cincinnati and Ohio in general had a great and large Steampunk community, which allowed me to gain many friends and grow into the steampunk community. Now in Richmond, VA though, my wife and I are working to build a Steampunk community that will allow us to have a similar social life as we had in Cincinnati.

I try to do some tabletop gaming now and then, hence all my painted miniatures, but I don't do it regularly any more. I have had so many hobbies in my lifetime, that I often have to "trade in and out" of them so as not to fill my home with unused junk. I often sell off the accoutrements of one hobby to be able to enter into another.

For my profession I do simple HTML coding, convert learning materials to online formats and handle content management for a Distance Learning bachelor's degree program that is administered through the Blackboard learning environment.


Aetheric Plasma Pistol
The Tek Armory has had a phenominal breakthrough in the fight against Aetheric threats.  Malevolent Aetheric Spirit Monsters have been from creatures that died from living within close distance to an aether-radiated impact crater. These creatures have been threatening living beings, animal and man alike and no previous human weapon could harm them. But in a partnership between the Tek University and the Tek Armory, this new Aetheric Plasma Pistol has been produced. It creates within it a series of 5 different types of aetheric plasma that when discharged from the barrels is attenuated by the vacuum dimensional activator tube. This causes the plasma to be able to interact within the dimensions these creatures inhabit. This new inter-dimensional weapon take a long time to produce, therefore, only scouts for the Clan of Teks and it's subsidiary organizations will be able to wield them.
The really real:
This was made from a classic NERF Lightnin Blitz (early 1990s era) that had been broken beyond repair. The NERF internals were removed and replaced with a color changing flashing LED array and an ultra bright blue LED illuminated Vacuum Tube.
The rest of the blaster was primed and painted using Rub N Buff, black acrylic paint and washes.

Krylon Fusion Satin Black spray paint
Silver Leaf Rub N Buff
Antique Gold Rub N Buff
Vallejo Acrylic Model Paint
Citadel Badab Black wash.
Ultra Bright LEDs (tri-color random flashing 30 degree view angle) (Blue constant 30 degree view angle)
2 AA battery casing
1 SPST rocker switch
Steampunk Ray Gun Version 2
This is a repaint and modification of a toy ray gun pistol that I had previously done 5 years ago.

I had originally bought two of them, and it took me five years to give the second one a go. The second one had a broken spinner motor for the light system, so I removed the motor entirely and replaced it all with color changing ultra bright LEDs.

It was primed black with Krylon Fusion spray pain, then I used Silver Leaf and Antique Gold Rub N Buff, plus four shades of brown Vallejo acrylic model color paint, then finally a brush on satin clearcoat.
Matched Silver Steampunk Goggles
This is a matched pair of Steampunk goggles, with minor differences to allow a "matched" couple to tell them apart.

Made with:
50mm Hobart brazing/welding 50mm goggles
Jewelry pendants
Orange juice caps
Black spray paint
Acrylic paint
Rub N Buff
So I've made a LOT of goggles. Like a LOT. More than I've shared on here to be sure. They usually sell pretty quick when I get a chance to vend somewhere, but they are slow to sell on Etsy. Probably just that whole "I want to handle them before I buy them" thing? Anyway, so I have a few more pairs that I finished recently, and I've been debating whether to share them cause I figure you all are tired of seeing them. Should I share them or shouldn't I? Should I always share my goggles projects with Deviantart? Let me know what you think.
  • Listening to: Vinyl 45s - Tina Turner at the moment
  • Reading: Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan
  • Watching: NCIS
  • Playing: Nothing, playstation broke
  • Eating: Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper
Starry Eyed Steampunk Goggles
These one of a kind pair of goggles were kind of an accident by a student engineer at the Tek University. He thought he could make a pair of goggles that could see through walls, but he failed. In his youthful exuberance to make somthing no one has aver made before, he ended up making a pair of goggles that had invisible lenses. When he saw his mistake, he simply added a pair of dark sun glare lenses and turned these expensive and fantastic looking pair of goggles into nothing more than a fancy pair of sunglasses.

Can be purchased on my etsy page here:…

These steampunk goggles are made from:
Hobart 50MM welding/brazing goggles
Jewelry pendants
A juice bottle cap
2 part epoxy
Cyanoacrylite gel glue
Spraypaint (primer)
Rub N Buff (for the metallic finish)|
Acrylic paint




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